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This episode is excellent, but I agree with MeGa's review and would recommend some brief research into what can kill a tardigrade IRL to incorporate going forward.

I think I have to agree with BeatVoid -- while the art is really well done, it somehow didn't "touch" me. The best way I can describe it is, I think of the pictures more of as a depiction of grotesquery more than as "OMG that was once a human just like anyone I know and now it's... it's just... Jeez the universe is fucking twisted". Part of it may have had to do with the pentagrams which, when you notice and start looking for them in all the pictures if they're presented back-to-back in a movie like this, sort of detracts from the overall vibe. Don't get me wrong I think the artwork is great, I just wanted to pitch in my two cents on what IMHO could be potential next steps.

OmegaBlack1631 responds:

wasn't meant to really touch anyone, its just a quick compilation of my goreober and the "pentagram" is my signature

I bet you thought no one would catch that subliminal message if you pause it just right at 1:04 between the black shirt guy and purple blob...

You are SO tempting me to go out and say Hi to random people from a distance until they respond, and then walk right past them.

G'damn, that was some kickass animation. Can't wait to see it put into a story, with lots of fight scenes ^_^

What I should have gotten out of the film is that, regardless of whether you're a boorish ruffian or an unappreciated genius ahead of his time, in the end we're all mortal and are destined to face the same death regardless of our actions. What we do is not for the sake of fulfilling some great plan in the end, but for the sake of achieving our own ambitions here and now, even if that ambition might be to do something that won't reach full fruition in our lifetimes.

But instead all I could think was "hey, the perspective isn't changing as it's zooming in through the keyholes -- columns should change their apparent relative position as you're going in instead of just having the entire picture get bigger". I think my brain is broken.

exotworking responds:

Cool review, thanks 3p0ch! Fun fact of the day: perspective doesn't change during a zoom, because the camera isn't moving. That's why you can have crazy effects when you actually move a zooming camera (->Vertigo effect).

Undoubtedly the most well produced and all-around most enjoyable light hearted animation I've seen on Newgrounds, and maybe online period. There was literally not a moment in the whole animation where I felt like things were dragging even a bit, which is saying a lot considering how long the cartoon is. I've got to agree with the others who think this is on the same level as any professionally made animations out there -- if this was your senior animation project, you've got more than just a diploma, you've got serious talent.

After spending the past few years working at a hospital for veterans, I don't think you're all that cool for mocking disabled people.


Lol, even if it isn't the greatest movie ever made by anyone anywhere, it's still by far the best 20 second flash I've ever seen by anyone in the past minute.

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