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I can describe the overall plot and scenes for this world, but I’m not planning to write word-for-word what would be in the text as a CS game – that I’ll leave to you so the game has a consistent style. A key thing that will be different from typical Crypt Shyfter is you’ll need to be able to travel in both directions, so any path forward should also give you the option of going back to the previous scene – you’ll need to do a little backtracking to explore the entire world and see all the secrets, sort of like in a Metroidvania. Also, at every scene you should have the option of accessing your inventory and selecting something to use. That will become important at the very end.


(Start 1)

At the game’s start point you can go either to the icy mountains, the crashed starship wreckage, or the enchanted village with like fairies floating around and stuff. There’s also a shop by the start point where you can buy one of the following: a razor sharp sword, rugged boots, a canteen, and a rope. Your inventory starts off with your walking staff, enough money to buy one thing from the shop, and a food ration. If you return to your shop, go to your inventory, and select relics that you pick up from the starship area then you can buy more items. You’ll need each of the items from the shop throughout the game.


(Mountain 1)

If you head to the icy mountains, you get a wolf charging at you and can fight, run, or use an item. If you fight it, you only win if you have the razor sharp sword and otherwise you get killed. If you try to run you die. If you use your canteen, you get a message saying “What? Do you seriously think you can just pour water on the ground in front of you and have it freeze into ice so the wolf will lose its footing and slide away? The wolf eats you way before the water freezes, and has some wet paws while he’s gnawing on your bones.” If you try to distract it by throwing a ration for it to go get, it ignores the ration and eats you instead. Importantly, if you kill the dog with the sword then any time you come back to this scene the wolf corpse is present. If you’ve seen the shaman in (Enchanted 1) and have the knife from (Starship 2) then you have the option of skinning the wolf and taking its coat.


(Mountain 2)

Further into the mountains, you reach a narrow bridge of flat stone with no siderails covered in ice high above a valley below. If you try to cross the bridge then you slide off the ice and fall to your death. If you have and try to use the rope: you get the option of tying one end around your waist and another end around a boulder at the start of the bridge – in which case when you get halfway across the bridge you slide off and swing like a pendulum to the cliff face and splatter against it. You also have the option of tying one end to your waist, looping the rope around the stone bridge, and tying the other end of the rope around your waist – in which case when you get halfway across the bridge you slide off and end up being suspended underneath the bridge by the rope so you don’t fall to your death, but you’re stuck there suspended with no way of getting back up onto the icy bridge (how are you gonna climb up back onto an icy bridge?) and are as good as dead. The only way to get across this is with some pixie dust from the enchanted village that will give the ice traction (Enchanted 2B).


(Mountain 3)

You reach a cage with a lot of stalactites and stalagmites. As you come in, your footfalls make a stalactite fall and shatter, attracting the attention of a dangerous sounding beast that you can hear starting to run toward the cave from afar. You have various things you can try, but the thing that will work will be tying the rope (from the shop at the starting point) to stagmites to create a tripwire which the charging beast will trip over and tumble toward the chasm you just crossed to its timely demise.


(Mountain 4)

You reach a room with lots of levers and pulleys where it seems a mining operation once went on long ago. In the room is a treasure chest with an obviously broken lock that’s impossible to open in any conventional manner. The way you ultimately end up opening it is by attaching it to ropes and hoisting it high in the air with the pulleys, which would be easier said than done if the crank for the pulleys wasn’t broken, but that’s nothing you can’t fix by wedging your staff into one of the gear wheels (they’re gears like these with holes away from the central axis that you can wedge a rod into if you really need to turn it https://www.123rf.com/photo_14974438_growing-gears-gear-icon-gears-icon-.html). So you hoist the chest moderately high into the air and then let it fall and shatter. From inside, you get a horned Viking helmet and see a note about it being used by a herald.


(Starship 1)

You stand at a door to enter the starship, which is still closed but you can tell by hearing a gentle hum from the ship that there’s still power. There’s a control panel by the door, you can try tapping it, double tapping, tapping and dragging, double tap hold and drag, zoom in or out like on a phone. Eventually you’ll get the door to open. Goddamn aliens and their iPhone style control panels. Or you could put an actual puzzle here if you’re up for it.


(Starship 2)

You’re in an area where some Jeep-looking vehicles with strong cages in the back where a pickup truck’s bed would be are parked. One area of the ship has a god-awful smelling pile of dead animal parts, and what seems to be a dissection table, including cutlery like a knife you can yoink. But as you walk toward that area, an autocanon detects your presence and starts machine gunning at you, and you’re just barely able to duck out of its way. You have the option of trying to run toward the dissection area as fast as you can while trying to dodge the autocanon, in which case you get shot. Or you can get in one of the jeeps and try to drive it toward the dissection area, in which case the jeep’s armor protects you for a little bit but eventually a bullet hits the fuel tank and it explodes. Or you can start a jeep and run it in a random direction as a distraction, and in that case the jeep gets shot and catches fire but crashes into the control system for the autocanon so it’s left silent and now you can walk up to the dissection table and take the knife and look around for more story. And progress deeper into the starship, either to the engine room (Starship 3A) or cockpit (Starship 3B) but the cockpit is currently locked.


(Starship 3A)

You’re in the engine room and have an engine with a nearby button and label that the fairy can translate to “Overdrive” that will blow up the ship if you touch it, a conduit with a button and label that the fairy can translate to “Cockpit lock” that will blow up the ship if you touch it, and a strange glowing thing with a button and label that the fairy is not quite sure how to translate that will blow up the ship if you touch it. There’s also a video monitor that’s initially off and has a button nearby with a label that translates to “Camera”. If you touch that button then the monitor turns on showing the hanger where you just blew up the autocanon, with the still smoking jeep in the view. Now that you’ve seen this, if you go back to (Starship 2) you have the option of looking around to see from where that view on the monitor was being recorded, and you thereby learn what an alien camera looks like.


If you have the canteen from the shop at the beginning of the game, and the fairy translated the “Cockpit lock” sign, you can pour water on the conduit to short it out and unlock the cockpit door to get to (Starship 3B). Because it works that way in video games.


(Starship 3B)

You see an iPad like control panel with three buttons and alien text beside each of them. Now that you’ve seen it, if you ask it to be translated by the enchanted village fairy (Enchanted 2A) she’ll tell you that the first button is “Takeoff” and the second button is “Communicate” and the third is “Hangar door”. Regardless of whether you have them translated, the Takeoff button will not work and will make the screen briefly flash a message that translates to “Unable to launch – critical damage”. If you press the second button, you open a comm channel with an alien with devil horns (I’ll let you decide if you want it to be a Shyfter or something else) with the following outcomes:

If you have NOT identified what an alien camera looks like (see Starship 3A) and broken the one in the cockpit, the devil looking thing immediately sees that you’re a human in control of the ship and activates your self destruction.

If you HAVE identified what an alien camera looks like, then in this area you will have the option of smashing the camera in the cockpit. If you do that before activating communications, you see the devil horned alien and hear it say gibberish apparently directed to you that the fairy can translate to: “Gal-thor, video communication is offline. Please respond.” followed by a pause and then the alien speaking apparently to someone else which the fairy will translate as “His ship is severely damaged. This planet is dangerous. Alert command that we should reconsider whether to send any future missions there.” before the comm channel is closed. The fairy will translate all of that speech with one trip since you’ll hear the first thing followed by a pause then the second thing directed to someone else all at once. This is a key task for the game.


(Enchanted 1)

As you enter the village you’re encountered by Tinkerbell-looking fairies who bring you to the only relatively human sized inhabitant of the village. You are brought to an old, kinda short and tiny shaman witch and she says a very unusual blizzard will come to the enchanted village in a week, and she wants you to bring her a coat to help endure it. The only way to to this will be to go to (Mountain 1) after you’ve heard of this task, kill the wolf, then use the knife (obtained in Starship 2) to skin the wolf and wash its hide to make a fur coat for the shaman. You can try to use the sword on the wolf corpse, but it’s too big and unwieldly to use for skinning the wolf and you need a knife. After you do all that, she lets you go to the rest of the village.


(Enchanted 2A)

You encounter a fairy who has been in the starship and seen horrors there, and get some backstory (you get to make this up yourself KuFuSpaBa to fit into your overall story’s universe). If you return to her in the future, she can translate alien stuff you see or hear in the starship.


(Enchanted 2B)

You meet a hungry fairy who asks for a ration. If you give it to her, you get pixie dust that you can use to get past the bridge in (Mountain 2). You also get some backstory about the aliens from the starship, and that the fairies are seeing occasional visions of the alien society that insinuate that they will ultimately become responsible for the destruction of this world.


(Enchanted 2C)

This large clearing was obviously once a meeting area but is currently vacant. The way to change that is to come here with the Viking helmet from (Mountains 4). After some mucking around with it, you figure out that you can take off one of the helmet’s horns and use it as, well, a horn to blow and summon a whole bunch of fairies. Following up on the backstory from (Enchanted 2B), if there are enough fairies gathered together in one place, you can use their combined energy to get a good look into what’s happening with the aliens. But, if you attempt this without going through the entire Starship quest and the aliens don’t think that the Earth is too dangerous to pay much attention to for now, then your attempt will be detected and jammed by the aliens and you’ll have a mess of warships headed your direction to vaporize you when they show up in about a week. But if you’ve finished the starship correctly, you see a vision of an alien and, while you’re unsure whether it really sees you personally or not, it states:


I crush you underneath my heel

Repeating without an end

Caring not, for naught I feel

With you and your mirrored twin


Save your pleas, your tongue is bound

Tough aiming aloft in vain

Your wretched stench is so profound

‘Twould render a man insane


You should have a lot of options for things that you can do once you see that vision. Most of which will do nothing. What you’re actually supposed to do is go to your inventory and pull out the boots. Why the boots? Because the thing he said is a riddle. Try reading it again with the answer in mind: Boots. Get it now? Great!


So that’s what I have in mind. If you decide to use it, I don’t want any money from the contest. Money is the root of all evil after all. I just want to be given a heads up that you’re thinking of using it and a chance to try to write some music that could be included in the game. If I don’t get it written by the time the game’s ready, or if the music sucks, then don’t include it. IDK how busy I’ma be ‘cause I’m also trying to cure cancer so might not have time for music. Also, I’d recommend checking out Newgrounds’ art portal and include pictures in the game if possible. You could offer the artist like a 10% cut or something on all the money from the game you’re posting for free :p And if other people submit good stuff for the contest then there’s no reason not to make a huge game with multiple storylines to open and explore.


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